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Flickr is an image, video, website and online community platform (Wikipedia, 2009). Flickr is great because it allows students to keep their focus on acquiring new skills, to build on existing knowledge while still being able to develop particular skills like writing, reading, viewing and even strengthening social ties within their own learning circle (Baird, 2005).

Not only does Flickr, but many other technologies have the ability to play an important part in motivation, retention and learning among students. Such tools like Flickr and many media forms play an important role in the interaction between many communities (Baird, 2005). This is also very important because as our world moves to more technological ways, we are now more reliant on online communities, and Flickr helps foster these new relationships.

As a future learning manager, Flickr I believe would effectively cover the approaches such as group work, comments or feedback both from students, teachers and parents, presentations and collaboration online. Baird (2005) discusses that Flickr not only is great tool but supports constructivist based learning, to explain further Baird discusses that learning can take place in a private group, but it also can extend further to the wider community.

Flickr not only is a platform to place and access many photos, it also gives the option for users to either make their photos private or public, therefore allowing privacy for those photos you only want to share with particular people. This option is great to know as a future learning manager because student’s safety is the main priority when using such a tool in the school environment and to have the option to make whatever they may be accessing private is number one.

Flickr also offers students an organization tool called Flickr Organizer, this allows photos to be placed into albums to categories, this can be great to be used in conjunction within their own digital portfolios, projects or even blogs (Wikipedia, 2009). Not only does this tool offer great organization is allows for RSS feeds so that both students and teachers can syndicate their photos. This is not only a way of the future but before such technology was available students would traditionally cut pictures out of magazines to add appeal to a project, but now students have the ability to search past their prior abilities and put their hands on relevant information.

As a future learning manager I would love to use this great tool in the classroom, some possible ways that I have investigated could include the following;

“A student in a historic preservation takes a walking tour of a historic district and takes photographs of various architectural elements. These photos are organized into a Photoset and then viewed in a Flickr generated slideshow during an oral report to his class. He later uses them as a reference resource for his coursework.” (Baird, 2005)

“After a field trip to a living history museum, student groups write a summary of their trip in a blog and use Flickr to illustrate their report. They are able to augment their own photos with relevant images found by searching tags in the global Flickr community archives. As they work on the project they are simultaneously developing writing, technology, photography, as most importantly collaborative learning skills.” (Baird, 2005)

Flickr I have found fits great within Oliver’s Learning Design Framework, because today’s students have grown up surrounded by the digital world, and as a result they have developed new ways of understanding, learning and processing information. To explain further why I feel this framework fits well is because Oliver’s framework puts emphasis on the learning resources, learning tasks and learning supports, all of which are covered within Flickr. Furthermore Flickr offers the chance for authentic assessment within the classroom and I look forward to incorporating this tool in the future.


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