Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Music – Incompetech

Through my own experiences in the classroom I have unfortunately not been exposed to the use of music in learning experiences. But to my own lack of experience with music I brainstormed some ideas about the different ways I could incorporate such a great tool.

As I am now aware now not all music is acceptable to use within presentations, without some form of royalties going to the owner. From my own investigations with Incompetech I became aware that this tool offers a platform where there are many different genres of music for free available for use. This is known as Royalty-free music, Wikipedia (2009) defines this as being as 'library music' licensed for a single fee, without the need to pay any subsequent royalties.

As a future learning manager I would use this great resource platform to gather insightful music that gets the students thinking. I would then play different sounds like the beach, the rainforest, the city to name a few and ask the students to take a moment to relax and listen to the music and think about what they are hearing, where this could be, why do we hear such noises. Then once the music was over I would ask students to form collaborative groups to discuss what they thought about the music and then they would be instructed to create a brainstorm about a particular sound they heard.


Wikipedia. (2009). Royalty Free Music. Retrieved August 19th, 2009 from

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