Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Multiple Choice Quizes

ClasssMaker is an easy to use online test creator, it is easy to create online tests and quizzes, and then invite others to participate. You can create multiple choice, true false, free text, short answer, fill in the blank and punctuation quizzes. Furthermore, ClassMaker allows you to create ‘class rooms’ and assign different tests to each of them. At the end, you can invite participant groups to desired class and track their test progress in one place (ClassMaker, 2009).

ClassMaker is great and as a future learning manager I look forward to using this particular tool, because of its versatility. Outline below are some reasons why it is such a great tool to be using (ClassMaker, 2009).

Create online tests and quizzes.
Test types: multiple choice, true/false, free text, short answer, fill in the blank, punctuation etc.
Track and manage test results in one place.
Invite up to 1000 learners to join take your tests.
Create unlimited number of classes and manage them from one place.
Assign different quiz tests to different classes.
Instant results for you and your learners.
Upload and add images to quizzes.
Export quiz results.
Set time limits on multiple-choice quizzes.
Randomize multiple-choice questions and answers.
Keep quizzes private or share them with others.
Create quizzes in multiple languages.

This awesome tool fits well within Oliver’s learning framework (Australian University Teachers Committee, 2003) because of the three aspects; the learning tasks, resources and support. This framework supports the use of the quiz as a tool of assessment. The next phase within the framework relies upon the resources needed to complete these learning tasks, this therefore relating to the online quizzes to check for learning along the way.

Therefore in conclusion by not only having an online quiz to check for learning and as an assessment tool, it is great to have in place to allow students the support and encouragement that is seeked both from parents and students.


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