Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Slide Share

What is SlideShare you ask? According to Georgia State University. (2009), SlideShare is the words largest community for sharing presentations. It allows individuals to upload presentations to share their ideas and to connect with others collaboratively. SlideShare is an easy tool to use as you can find presentations that are on a particular topic, this is helped by the use of tags. This site also has the option for users to create and upload narration to their presentation. After this has been uploaded, the user can synchronise the slides to fit that particular presentation (SlideShare, 2009).

This learning tool fits great within the framework of Active Learning (ACU, 2000). To explain further when using such a tool the’ input’ is when students are viewing this new information for example music and visual images. The ‘process’ is when students are collaborating with others to create their own presentations, using a variety of tools to enhance their presentation (microphone, webcam, music, images). The ‘output’ is when students are producing their own presentation then they load their presentation on to a platform (webpage etc), where they can share this new information with others.

In conclusion I have found this tool to be great to learn about and I look forward to using it in the classroom.


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